Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 5 Adjustments and Settings 117
Chapter 5
Adjustments and
Setting on the VCR Section VCR Menu
You can use the VCR menu for settings on the VCR
Frame mode selection for time code (DSR-370/570WS only) 204 Page 119
Battery capacity indication selection 206 Page 120
Standby-on period setting 207 Page 120
Use auto-check function 210 Page 121
Selection of ClipLink function 211 Page 123
Audio recording mode selection 212 Page 123
Audio reference level selection 213 Page 124
Fade-in/fade-out setting for the audio recording start and stop points 214 Page 124
Use setup add (DSR-370/570WS only) 220 Page 125
Use setup remove (DSR-370/570WS only) 221 Page 125
Menu No.
Real time clock and calendar settings
Cumulative hour counts:
Head drum operating hours
Tape transport hours
Operating (power-on) hours
Page 119
Page 119