Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Appendix 143
If you move a camcorder suddenly from a very cold
place to a warm place, or use it in a very humid
location, condensation may form on the head drum. If
it is operated in this state, the tape may adhere to the
drum, and cause a failure or even permanent damage.
Take the following steps to prevent this from
Remove the cassette before moving the camcorder
from a very cold place to a warm place.
Before inserting a cassette, turn the power on, and
check that the HUMID indication is not showing in
the display window. If it is showing, wait do not
insert a cassette until the HUMID indication
disappears. You can save waiting time if you keep the
camcorder powered.
For details of cassette insertion and removal, see the section
Recording on the Internal VCR on page 60, and for
details of the HUMID indication, see the section Warning
System on page 142.