Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 3 Shooting 59
Chapter 3 Shooting
Usable Cassettes
This camcorder can use the DVCAM cassettes listed
The * in each model name is actually ME
(indicating that a cassette memory is contained), or
N (indicating that no cassette memory is contained).
The numbers in the model names show maximum
recording/playback time (minutes) for each model. For
example, the maximum recording/playback time of the
PDV-184ME is 184 minutes.
If you insert an incorrect type of cassette, it will be
automatically ejected.
DVCAM cassettes
The following figure illustrates the DVCAM cassettes
For ClipLink shooting, a DVCAM cassette including
cassette memory is necessary. In the cassette
memory, data required for editing the recorded video
(ClipLink log data) is stored. This unit can record or
play back the cassettes with cassette memory of 16
kbits or less.
For details of ClipLink log data, see ClipLink Shooting
(page 77).
Notes on using cassettes
Before storing the cassette, rewind the tape to the
beginning and be sure to put the cassette in its storage
case, preferably on end instead of flat on its side. The
storage case of a DVCAM cassette is specially
designed to eusure a long-period storage of the tape.
Storing a cassette in any other condition (not
rewound, out of its case, etc.) may cause the video
and audio contents to become damaged over time.
If the cassette memory connector (contact point)
becomes dirty, connection problems may occur and
cause a loss of functions. Remove away any dust or
dirt from this area before using the cassette.
If the cassette is dropped on the floor or otherwise
receives a hard impact, the tape may become
slackened and may not record and or play back
correctly. For instructions on removing tape slack,
see next page.
Follow the instructions on page 61 to insert a
cassette, or the camcorder may be damaged.
Preventing accidental erasure
Set the REC/SAVE switch to SAVE to prevent
accidental erasure of recorded contents.
If you insert a cassette into the camcorder when this
switch is set to SAVE, the camcorder will not record
when you press the REC button.
To enable recording
Set the REC/SAVE switch back to REC.
Model name
Mini size
Standard size
Cassette memory
REC/SAVE switch
REC/SAVE switch
Set to SAVE
Standard size
Mini size