Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

76 Chapter 3 Shooting
Chapter 3 Shooting
Locking the internal time code generator
to the reference time code
Perform the following steps to synchronize the
camcorders internal time code generator to an external
time code.
1 Set the TC mode switch 1 to PRESET.
2 Set the TC mode switch 2 to F-RUN.
3 Connect a reference time code and video signal to
the camcorder.
For connections, see the previous section Connection
for gen-lock.
EXT-LK will be displayed in the display
window. The internal time code generator will
maintain its externally synchronized state even
after you disconnect the reference time code signal.
The precision of this synchronization (phase
alignment) of time codes depends on the precision
of the camcorders sync signal generator.
After setting up external synchronization, allow a few
seconds for the camcorders sync signal generator to
stabilize before recording.
Only the time code can be externally synchronized.
User bits cannot be externally synchronized.
If you turn the POWER switch on or off while the
camcorder is operating under external
synchronization, synchronization precision will be
Setting Time Values