Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections 47
Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
3 Fit the attachment plate on the
rear side of the CA-WR855 to
the V-groove on the battery
attachment interface, and then
slide the CA-WR855 down
until it connects to the WRR
4 Set one of the AUDIO IN (CH-
1/CH-2) switches to
To connect a WRR-810A/860A
Attach the WRR tuner fitting (not supplied) (Part No.
A-8278-057-A) to the rear of the camcorder as shown
in the following figure.
1 Pass a screwdriver through the holes and tighten
the screws .
2 Loosen the adjustment screws.
3 Adjust the metal fitting position for a battery pack
to be attached, and tighten the adjustment screws
to fix its position.
4 Attach the holder kit (two fittings and four screws,
supplied with the tuner) to the WRR tuner fitting
(one for the upper position and the other for the
lower position).
5 Mount the tuner on the WRR tuner fitting.
For details about the WRR tuner fitting (Part No. A-8278-
057-A), contact your Sony dealer.