Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

46 Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
Removing the shoulder strap
Connecting to Audio System
Press here to release.
Using Accessories
The camcorder is able to record sound not only from
the attached microphone but also from a wireless
microphone or an external audio system.
Using a wireless microphone system
You can use the wireless microphone system including
a WRT-810A/830A UHF Wireless Microphone and a
WRR-810A/855A/860A UHF Portable Tuner to record
For details on using the wireless microphone system, see the
operating instructions for the microphone and tuner.
WRR connector
Fasten the screws (supplied with
the WRR-855A).
For connecting an intercom adaptor, see page 48.
To connect a WRR-855A
1 Open the cover of the WRR
2 Insert the WRR-855A into the