Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 1 Overview 29
1 TALLY (back tally) indicator (red)
This indicator lights during recording. It will not light
if the TALLY switch 2 is set to OFF. This indicator
also blinks to indicate warnings in the same manner as
the REC/TALLY indicator in the viewfinder.
2 TALLY switch
Set this switch to ON to activate the TALLY indicator
1 function.
For details, see Warning System on page 142.
3 Battery attachment interface
Attach a battery pack or an AC-DN1/DN2A AC
Adaptor. When using the WRR-855A synthesized
tuner (for wireless microphones), attach the CA-
WR855 Camera Adaptor here.
For information about fitting a battery pack or an AC
adaptor, see Power Supply (page 53). For information
about attaching a synthesized tuner, see Connecting to
Audio System (page 46).
4 DC IN (DC power input) connector (XLR 4-pin,
To use the camcorder with an AC power supply
connect an optional AC-550/550CE or CMA-8A/
8ACE AC Adaptor.
5 AUDIO IN CH-1/CH-2 (audio input channel 1
and 2) connectors (XLR 3-pin, female) and input
selection switches
Connect a microphone or other external audio
equipment. Set the input selection switches as
shown below according to the microphone or
MIC+48V ON (right position): For connecting to a
48-V microphone
If this position is selected for a microphone other than
48-V microphone, the microphone may be damaged.
MIC (center position): For connecting any
microphone other than 48-V microphone
LINE (left position): For connecting an external
audio signal source such as a stereo amplifier.
6 WRR (synthesizer tuner/intercom adaptor)
connector (7-pin)
Connect a CS-WR855 Camera Adaptor with attached
WRR-855 UHF Synthesizer Tuner, or a CA-370
Intercom Adaptor for the CCU-M5A/M5AP.
See Connecting to Audio System (page 46) for more
information about how to connect a UHF synthesizer tuner.
See Connecting a CA-370 Intercom Adaptor (page 48)
for more information about how to connect an intercom
7 Cable clamp
Fasten an i.LINK cable (DV connecting cable) to the
clamp using the supplied binding tie so that the plug is
not pulled out from the DV OUT connector 8.
8 DV OUT connector (6-pin)
Connect to the DV input connector of an external VCR
via an i.LINK cable.
This connector will not work as an input connector.
When external equipment, such as a VCR, is
connected to this connector, the ClipLink function
and the function for audio fade-in/fade-out during
recording do not work.
9 DC OUT (DC power output) connector (4-pin,
This connector supplies power for a WRR-810A/860A
UHF Portable Tuner.
0 VTR/CCU connector (26-pin, male)
Connect an external VCR or CCU-M5A/M5AP or
other camera control unit.
This connector always outputs the signals from the
camera. It is impossible to output the playback
video of the internal VCR.
The image size on the viewfinder or on the screen of
the RM-VJ1 does not switch automatically, even if
the aspect ratio (16:9/4:3) of the return signal, input
from an external VCR, is switched.
i.LINK cable (DV
connecting cable)
Binding tie