Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

44 Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
Using Accessories
Projection B
Projection A
Fitting optional microphones (operable with a
48 V supply) other than the ECM-670
Use the same fitting procedure as for the ECM-670,
but note the following differences with respect to the
microphone adaptor.
ECM-672: no microphone adaptor required.
Slender microphones (19 mm (
/4 inch) diameter):
use the microphone adaptor supplied with the
Using a Video Light
You can use the Anton Bauer Ultralight 2 or
equivalent for this comcorder. Use a video light
powered by 12 V with maximum power consumption
of 30 W.
If you connect the video light to the video light
connector 9 on the camcorder (page 27) and set the
LIGHT switch 3 to AUTO (page 16), you can turn
the light on and off automatically as you start and
stop the VCR operation.
The output of the video light connector on the
camcorder is controlled to 12 V even when the
camcorder is supplied with 12 V or more power
(through the DC IN connector or battery pack). The
brightness or color temperature of the light will not
change according to voltage increase.
Do not use a video light with power consumption of
over 30 W.
The brightness or color temperature of the light will
change when the supplied voltage is under 12 V.
To fit the video light
Fit the video light to the camcorder grip or the
accessory shoe on the viewfinder and connect the
video light cable to the video light connector.
1 Remove the cover of the
camcorder grip and break off
projection A (see the figure).
2 Pass the cable through the grip
as shown in the figure and
replace the cover.
When using a video light with a long cable
You can pass part of the cable through the camcorder