Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

88 Chapter 4 Viewfinder Screen Indications and Menus
Chapter 4 Viewfinder Screen Indications and Menus
Time data values appear during playback, fast forward,
rewind, or recording review.
4 NG indication
An NG (No Good) indication appears if you
designate a recorded scene as NG when using the
ClipLink function for recording.
5 Clip mode indication
A CLIP M or CLIP C indication appears when
you use the ClipLink function for recording.
CLIP M: Indicates shooting in Mark mode
CLIP C: Indicates shooting in Cue mode
6 Clip remaining indication
The number of available clips is displayed when you
use the ClipLink function for recording.
7 Status display area
One of the following values or messages is displayed
to indicate the camcorders current status or its
operation status.
New values when changing camcorders settings
Messages indicating progress or results of
The camcorders current settings
SetupLog data recorded to a tape during shooting (see
page 115)
8 EZ FOCUS indication
This appears when the EZ FOCUS button is pressed,
enabling the easy focus function.
The status indication is not shown while this indication
9 LOW LIGHT indication
This warning appears if the lighting level is
0 Audio recording level indicators
These show the recording levels of audio channels 1
and 2.
qa Tape remaining indication
This shows the tape remaining as follows.
qs VCR warning indication
This shows warning indications about operation or
status of the VCR.
Viewfinder Normal Indications
DISPLAY switch
Time data displayed
COUNTER CNT: Tape transport time
TC TCG: a time code from the time code
TCR: a time code from the time code
U-BIT UBG: a user bit value from the time
code generator
UBR: a user bit value from the time
code reader
Channel 1
Channel 2
0 dB2 dB
Indication Tape remaining
F-30 At least 30 minutes
30-25 25 - 30 minutes
25-20 20 - 25 minutes
20-15 15 - 20 minutes
15-10 10 - 15 minutes
10-5 5 - 10 minutes
5-0 2 - 5 minutes
5-0 (flashing) 0 - 2 minutes
Indication Meaning
NO TAPE There is no tape loaded.
The tape is in the recording inhibited
The battery is almost exhausted.
The battery is exhausted.
TAPE NEAR END The tape is near the end.
TAPE END The tape is at the end.
SERVO The servo lock has been lost.
HUMID There is condensation.
RF The video heads are clogged, or there
is some other fault in the recording
The tape is not wound properly.
MP TAPE An incorrect type of cassette has been
loaded. (The cassette is automatically
ejected and the indication disappears
in about two seconds.)
CLIP DATA ERR Abnormality of ClipLink log data in the
cassette memory data.