Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 4 Viewfinder Screen Indications and Menus 115
Chapter 4 Viewfinder Screen Indications and Menus
10Move the cursor to SURE TO STORE? and
press the MENU dial (press the MENU switch to
The tape is rewound and the recording starts. The
display changes as follows and the data recording
a) During recording, the model name DSR-370/370P or
DSR-570WS/570WSP is displayed.
To abort the data recording while in progress
Press the MENU dial.
After the data has been recorded, the following
display appears.
It takes about three and a half minutes to record the
The former setupnavi data or the recorded contents of
the tape are overwritten.
Viewing SetupLog Data
The SetupLog function records camcorder settings
every few seconds at shooting and displays the
recorded data in the viewfinder during playback.
Setup log data is not displayed when playing back a
tape containing externally recorded analog signals.
To view the SetupLog Data, perform the following
Settings during
1 Turn the power on and load the tape that contains
the recording to be viewed.
2 Play back the tape.
For details of playback operation, see page 70.
3 Press the MENU switch upward (to STATUS
The display changes to page 1 of the status display.
Each time you press upward the MENU switch, the
status display cycles through the status pages and
playback display in the order: page 2, page 3, the
playback display (containing the current settings),
and page 1.
Status display (page 2)
Status display (page 3)
Name of data
being recorded