Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 1 Overview
30 Chapter 1 Overview
Location and Function of Parts
VCL-716BX Zoom Lens (for DSR-370K2/370PK2)
When using a lens other than VCL-716BX or VCL-719BX,
see page 40 and page 134 (Designating the lens).
When this connector is used with a battery pack
attached, operation may be interrupted due to
exhaustion of the batteries. To prevent this, see
Avoiding breaks in operation due to dead
batteries (page 54).
When a CCU is connected to this connector and a
battery pack is attached, power is supplied
automatically from the battery pack. Always power
off the camcorder before attaching or detaching a
battery pack or switching the power.
1 Iris ring
4 MACRO selector
6 MACRO ring
7 ZOOM selector
8 Zoom remote control
2 Zoom ring
Lens hood
3 Focus ring
qs Iris selector
qd Motorized zoom lever
qa Instant automatic iris
adjustment button
5 F.f adjustment ring
and F.f fixing knob
0 VTR button
9 RET button
qa BREAKER (breaker reset) button
If an excessive current flows in the internal circuits,
the internal circuit breaker shuts off the power supply.
Push this button after eliminating the cause of the
excessive current.