Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 1 Overview
16 Chapter 1 Overview
Location and Function of Parts
Right Side View
Front section
1 EZ FOCUS button
2 EDIT SEARCH buttons
3 LIGHT switch
4 EZ MODE button and indicator
5 ZEBRA button and indicator
6 A.IRIS MODE switch and indicator
7 MENU switch
8 W.BAL switch
9 MENU dial
0 POWER switch
qa OUTPUT/DL/DCC+ switch
qs NG button
qd GAIN switch
qf ATW button and indicator
1 EZ FOCUS button
Press this button to turn the easy focus function on.
This opens the iris, to make it easier to focus before
shooting. The indication EZ FOCUS appears in the
viewfinder while the function is on; to turn it off, press
the EZ FOCUS button again. If left on, the function
automatically turns off after about ten seconds.
If the easy focus function is still on when you press
the VTR button, it turns off automatically and
recording starts about one second later.
2 EDIT SEARCH buttons
You can see the search playback while pressing either
of these buttons at recording pause mode to quickly
find the next recording start point. Two playback
speeds are available. Press either of the buttons to the
inner position to increase the speed.
3 LIGHT (video light) switch
Controls the video light connected as follows.
AUTO: turns on the video light during recording if
the power switch on the light is set to on.
MAN (manual): allows the power switch on the
video light to turn the light on and off.