Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

130 Chapter 5 Adjustments and Settings
Chapter 5 Adjustments and Settings
1 Set the SHUTTER switch to the ON position.
The SHUTTER indicator in the viewfinder comes
on, and it is now possible to change the shutter
speed or clear scan frequency setting and to set the
EVS function. (If the EVS is already selected, the
SHUTTER indicator will not light.)
2 Operate the MENU switch and MENU dial to align
the cursor with the item SHUTTER in basic
menu page 1.
3 Turn the MENU dial to select the required shutter
speed, scan frequency or EVS.
The shutter speed or clear scan frequency setting
changes in the following order:
1/250 1/500 1/1000 1/2000
(Value when
Shutter Settings
This section covers the settings for electronic shutter
speed, CLS (clear scan ) and EVS function.
The new value for the shutter speed or clear scan
frequency and EVS setting remains set until changed,
even when the camcorder is powered off.
Shutter speeds
There are five shutter speeds, from
/100 s (DSR-370/
570WS) or
/60 s (DSR-370P/570WSP) to
/2000 s.
Increasing the shutter speed reduces blurring when
shooting a fast-moving subject. It is also possible to
reduce flicker when shooting under fluorescent
lighting by changing the shutter speed.
CLS (Clear Scan) function
When shooting a computer screen or projected image,
horizontal bands may appear in the camcorder image.
This is because the vertical scan frequency of the
computer-generated image is different from the
vertical scan frequency of the video system. The clear
scan function allows you to select a vertical scan
frequency to reduce this interference.
EVS (Enhanced Vertical Scan)
This function enhances the vertical scan resolution
from 400 to 450 lines (or 450 to 530 lines) to reduce
flicker. However, this increases the aliasing.
Setting the shutter speed, CLS and EVS
Notes on setting the shutter speed
The faster you make the shutter speed, the darker the
image becomes. Check the brightness in the
viewfinder, and if necessary increase the lighting
level or adjust the iris.
When the shutter speed is very fast, shooting a high
intensity subject may cause long vertical tails to
appear on the highlights (smear).
Note on setting the CLS function
The vertical scan frequencies of computer screens
vary, and it may not be possible to eliminate the
interference patterns entirely. Note also that the
vertical scan frequency may change depending on the
software being run.