Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 1 Overview 25
The recording time displayed when this switch is set to
TTL or DUR is obtained by counting the duration of
the internal reference signal input to the camcorder.
The value may not agree exactly with the value
derived from the time code values. Furthermore, the
value displayed may not be correct when another
manufacture’s VCR is connected to the camcorder.
2 SKIN DTL (skin detail) switch
Set this switch to ON to use the skin detail correction
For details, see “Skin Detail Correction” (page 138).
Depending on the external VCR connected to the
VTR/CCU connector (0 on page 29), this switches
the video signal output to the VCR.
COMPONENT, VBS: Component/composite video
Y/C: S-video signal
When a CCU (camera control unit) is connected,
component video signals/composite video signals are
output, regardless of the setting of this switch.
4 VTR TRIGGER switch
Sets the function of the VTR button on the camcorder
or lens when a VCR is connected to the VTR/CCU
connector (0 on page 29) or DV OUT connector (8
on page 29).
PARALLEL: Operates both internal and external
INT ONLY: Operates the internal VCR only.
External VCR operation is performed locally.
EXT ONLY: Operates the external VCR only.
Set this switch to INT ONLY when you need to do
cut editing or dubbing using the DV OUT connector.
Set this switch to ON to insert a high-pass filter in the
microphone circuit, reducing wind noise.
Normally leave the switch in the OFF position.
6 SETUP switch
This selects the setup method for this camcorder.
FILE: Set up using both a setup file and the setup
STD: Set up using the setup menu. The setup file is
no longer displayed.
7 HYPER GAIN switch
Setting this switch to ON increases the gain by a factor
of about 60 with respect to 0 dB (a 30 dB increase by
electronic amplification and a 6 dB increase for DPR,
bringing about a total gain increase of 36 dB, or an
increase 42 dB for the DSR-570WS/570WSP only).
When this switch is in the ON position, the indication
“HYPER” appears in the viewfinder, and the GAIN
UP indicator in the viewfinder also lights.
When finished shooting, return this switch to OFF
position. The “HYPER” indication disappears and the
GAIN UP indicator goes out.
Increasing the gain with this switch reduces the
horizontal resolution by approx. 50%.
8 SKIN DTL (skin detail ) SET button
Press this button with the SKIN DTL switch 2 to
display the area detect cursor on viewfinder screen.
Place the cursor on the target and press this button to
perform skin detail correction.
For details, see “Skin Detail Correction” (page 138).
9 TTL (total) RESET button
Pressing this button resets the total recording time
(TTL selection) to 0.