Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

64 Chapter 3 Shooting
Chapter 3 Shooting
Recording on an External VCR
Using the VTR/CCU Connector
(26-pin) or DV OUT Connector
Set the VTR TRIGGER switch as follows when
operating this unit to control an external VCR
connected to the VTR/CCU connector or the DV OUT
Simultaneous recording on the external and
internal VCR: PARALLEL
Recording on the external VCR: EXT ONLY
For information about connectable VCRs, see Connecting
an External VCR (page 51).
When the VTR TRIGGER switch is set to INT
ONLY, the camcorder controls only the internal VCR
even if an external VCR is connected.
When external VCRs are connected to the VCR/CCU
and DV OUT connectors, both VCRs operate in the
same way under the control of the VTR button of this
camcorder or of the lens.
If you do not want to operate an external VCR
connected to the DV OUT connector, set the iLINK
CTL item on page 3 of the advanced menu to OFF.
When external equipment, such as VCR, is connected
to the DV OUT connector, the ClipLink and the
audio fade-in/fade-out function during recording do
not work.
Note about simultaneous use of an external
VCR connected to the VTR/CCU connector
(26-pin) and an RM-M7G Remote Control Unit
connected to the REMOTE connector (10-pin)
About 15 seconds are required after the camcorder and
an external VCR are powered on for control of the
camcorder from a remote control unit to become
This limitation does not apply to the external VCR if it
is powered on after you have confirmed that the
camcorder can be controlled from the remote control
When the battery is getting exhausted
When the battery is getting exhausted, the BATT
indication in the display window blinks once a second
(see page 20). Replace the battery with a charged
battery immediately.
If you continue to use the low battery, the BATT
indication will blink four times a second, and the
operation will stop.
For description of how to replace batteries, see Power
Supply on page 53.
Turn the POWER switch OFF before replacing the
Recording External Video
When the optional DSBK-501/501P Analog
Composite Input Board is fitted to this camcorder, you
can record external video signals.
1 Connect the external video signals to the GEN
2 Set VIDEO IN to EXT using basic menu page 4.
For details, see Viewfinder Basic Menu on page 92.
3 Press the EJECT switch to open the cassette
holder, and insert the cassette.
4 Press the VTR button on the camcorder or lens.
The camcorder starts recording.
If the external video signals include noise, such as
jitter, the camcorder may not record signals properly.
When recording external analog video signals, signals
are not output from the S VIDEO OUT connector.
When recording external analog video signals, setup
log data is not recorded on the tape (see page 115).