Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 1 Overview 33
5 F.B (flange focal length) adjustment ring and
F.B (flange focal length) fixing knob
F.B adjustment ring : To adjust the flange focal
length, loosen the F.B fixing knob, then turn the
ring. (See page 133.)
F.B fixing knob: Fixes the F.B adjustment ring.
6 MACRO (close-up) ring
For close-up, turn this ring while holding the M button
down. (See page 135.)
7 ZOOM selector
This selects the mode of zoom operation.
SERVO: power zoom
MANU. (manual): manual zoom
8 Zoom remote control connector (8-pin)
Connect the optional Lens Remote Control Unit for
remote control of zooming.
9 VTR button
This button starts and stops recording on the VCR.
Press it once to start recording, and once more to stop.
0 Shtl button
Use this for shuttle shot function (see next page).
qa RET (return) button
This allows you to check the video signal.
When the internal VCR is in recording pause mode,
press this button to review the last few seconds of the
recording in the viewfinder (recording review). When
an external VCR is connected, pressing this button
connects the E-E video signal from the external VCR
to the viewfinder while the internal VCR is recording
or no tape is inserted in the internal VCR.
The E-E video from an external VCR connected to the
DV OUT connector cannot be displayed in the
When a CCU (camera control unit) is connected, you
can view the return video from the CCU in the
For details, see Playback Checking Recorded Contents
(page 70).
qs Motorized zoom lever
Use this to carry out a power zoom. Pressing the lever
harder increases the zoom speed.
W end: zoom toward wide angle
T end: zoom toward telephoto
qd Iris selector
This selects the mode of iris operation. (See page
A (automatic): automatic iris
M (manual): manual iris
qf Instant automatic iris adjustment button
While using manual iris control, press this button to
switch temporarily to automatic iris control setting.
Automatic control is maintained as long as you hold
the button down.
qg Dip switchs
These are used to make settings for shuttle shot
This section is normally covered by a rubber cap.
qh Iris gain adjustment trimmer
Use this to adjust the iris gain.
This section is normally covered by a rubber cap.
qj Shuttle memory position knob
Use this for the shuttle shot function (see next page).