Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections 55
Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
Using an AC Adaptor
Using a CMA-8A/8ACE AC Adaptor
Connect the camcorder to the AC power supply as
shown in the following figure, and turn the POWER
switch of the CMA-8A/8ACE ON.
Using an AC-DN1 AC Adaptor
Mount the AC-DN1 on the camcorder in the same way
as a battery, then connect to the AC power source.
When power consumption of the camcorder and
accessories is 38 W or higher, use the AC-DN2A/
DN2B AC adaptor (lower than 150 W).
To AC power
To AC power source
POWER switch: ON
AC Adaptor
CCQX-3 cable
Using the Anton Bauer
Intelligent Battery System
You can equip the camcorder with a special battery
mount which the Anton Bauer Corporation has
developed for its Intelligent Battery System and
Ultralight System.
When the camcorder is used with an Anton Bauer
Digital Magnum series battery, the remaining battery
capacity is shown numerically in the viewfinder
Contact your Sony dealer for more information.