Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

66 Chapter 3 Shooting
Chapter 3 Shooting
Using the viewfinder to see playback
To see playback pictures of the internal VCR
Press the PLAY button.
To see playback pictures of an external VCR
For an external VCR connected to the VTR/CCU
connector: Press the RET button on the lens when
the internal VCR is recording or no cassette is
loaded in the internal VCR. While holding down
the RET button, you can see the return video from
the external VCR.
For an external VCR connected to the DV OUT
connector: With the VTR TRIGGER switch of
this camcorder set to PARALLEL or EXT
ONLYand with the internal VCR stopped or
having no cassette loaded, start playback on the
external VCR.
Depending on the VCR model, an external VCR may
not output return video when INPUT SELECT is set to
i.LINK on the external VCR. In this case, set INPUT
SELECT to another position.