Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections 37
Chapter 2
Fitting and
Inserting and Replacing the Lithium Battery
This camcorder uses a lithium battery to retain stored
data. When using the camcorder for the first time, be
sure to insert the supplied lithium battery
(CR2032). The camcorder will not operate correctly
without this lithium battery.
Lifetime of the lithium battery
When the lithium batterys voltage falls, the lithium
backup battery warning
appears in the display
window. If this warning appears, replace the lithium
battery (CR2032) within three or four days.
The lithium battery has an average service life of about
two years, however operation in ClipLink mode will
shorten the lifetime until about one year (when the
DSBK-301A is fitted).
Inserting or replacing the lithium battery
Carefully read the instructions for inserting and
replacing the lithium battery. Lithium batteries can
explode if misused.
Use only CR2032 Lithium Batteries. Other types of
lithium batteries may come loose when this
camcorder is moved. If you have difficulty finding
CR2032 Lithium Batteries, contact your Sony dealer.