Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

150 Appendix
Microphone products
ECM-670/672 Electret Condenser Microphone
C-74 Condenser Microphone
CAC-12 Microphone Holder
EC-0.5C2/0.3C2 Microphone Cable
Studio equipment
SEG-2550A/2550AP Special Effects Unit
DFS-300/300P/500/500P DME Switcher
DCK-500/500P Digital Chroma Keyer
WEX-2000 Wipe Pattern Extender
DXF-51/51CE 5-inch Viewfinder (monochrome)
CA-370 Intercom Adaptor
Cables and miscellaneous
The suffix number on a cable part number indicates the
length in meters: e.g. a CCZ-A2 is 2 meters long.
(Approximate equivalents in feet: 2 m = 6 ft, 5 m = 16
ft, 10 m = 33 ft, 25 m = 82 ft, 50 m = 164 ft, 100 m =
328 ft)
Camera cables with Z-type 26-pin connectors
Camera cables with Q-type 14-pin connectors
i.LINK cable (DV connecting cable)
CCFD-3L (6-pin y 4-pin, 3.5m)
CCF-3L (6-pin y 6-pin, 3.5m)
DSBK-301A Index Picture Board
LCR-1 Rain Cover
LC-DS500 Carrying Case
LC-DS300SFT Soft Carrying Case
DSBK-501/501P Analog Composite Input Board