Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

60 Chapter 3 Shooting
Chapter 3 Shooting
Checking the tape for slack
Paper clip, etc.
Turn the reel gently in the direction shown by the
arrow. If the reel does not move, there is no slack.
Insert the cassette into the cassette holder, close the
cassette holder, and after about 10 seconds take it out.
See page 61 on how to insert a cassette.
Recording on the Internal VCR
When using a tape recorded by this camcorder to
transfer digital (video/audio/time code) signals at four
times the normal speed from the DSR-85/85P Digital
Videocassette Recorder to the ES-7 EditStation for
editing purposes, there must be about at least 40
seconds of recording on the tape before the IN point.
To perform editing without problems, it is
recommended that you pre-record at least 40
seconds of color bar signals at the beginning of the
When dubbing tapes using the DSR-70A/70AP, a
continuous recorded section of approximately five
seconds is required before the recording start point. It
is recommended to record color bars or a similar
signal beforehand at the start point of the source tape
to be dubbed on this camcorder.
This section describes basic recording operations using
the internal VCR.
When you will not perform ClipLink shooting, set the
ClipLink function to oFF in the VCR menu. (See
page 123 for menu setting and see page 77 for details
of ClipLink shooting.)
Before shooting, mount or connect any required
equipment or accessories and check the power
supply. (See Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections.)
Also, it is desireable to make sure for problems in
camcorders internal operations using the auto-check
function. (See Using Auto-Check Function Menu
210 on page 121.)