Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

52 Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
Connecting a Camera Control Unit
You can connect CCU-M5A/M5AP Camera Control
Unit (CCU) to the VTR/CCU connector of this
Note the following when connecting a CCU.
The only video signal formats that can be transmitted
from this camcorder to the CCU are VBS and R–Y/
•A CCU cannot be used at the same time as a remote
control device connected to the REMOTE1 or
REMOTE2 connector of this camcorder.
•When the camcorder is gen-locked to a CCU
reference signal, and then gen-locked to another
external reference signal, the other external reference
signal overrides the CCU reference signal for
camcorder gen-lock.
The REC/TALLY indicator on the front of the DXF-
801/801CE viewfinder lights only when a CALL
signal is received from the CCU. It does not light or
flash during VTR recording or on errors.
The interface gain of microphone input is –20 dB.
Three types of power supply are available for
powering the camcorder under CCU operation.
The camcorder uses power sources, if present, in the
order EXT DC IN >Battery Pack > CCU.
Before switching the camcorder power supply
between CCU and another power source, always turn
off the camcorder's Power switch.
(CCU or EX DC power is recommended for shooting
over extended periods.)
•Before using a CCU, set the camcorder’s EZ mode to
OFF (see page 17). (The advanced menu does not
appear unless it is set to OFF.)
The color matrix switching function of the CCU-
M5A/M5AP does not work with this camcorder.
•When the OUTPUT/DL/DCC+ item on page 2 of the
advanced menu is set to DL, the knee adjustment
function of the CCU-M5A/M5AP does not work.
CCZ-A cable transmission distance when CCU
The following table shows cable transmission lengths
when a CCU is connected to the DSR-370/370P/
a) The maximum transmission distance of gen-lock signals
and return video is 150 m.
For details, contact your Sony dealer or a Sony service
Maximum transmission distance
Power from CCU
Power not from CCU
(1.5-inch type)
300 m
300 m
(5-inch type)
300 m
300 m