Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

74 Chapter 3 Shooting
Chapter 3 Shooting
Setting Time Values
6 Use the TC mode switch 2 to set the desired
running mode.
If you select F-RUN, the time code starts
advancing immediately.
Drop-frame mode (for DSR-370/570WS
Time code is processed as 30 frames per second, but
the exact video frame frequency for NTSC signals is in
fact 29.97 frames per second. In prolonged recording,
this leads to a discrepancy between the time code and
the real time.
Drop-frame mode corrects for this by skipping two
frame counts at the beginning of every minute which is
not a multiple of ten.
Example: When the minute value is changing from
11 to 12
In non-drop-frame mode, however, no frame counts
are omitted, and there is a gradual deviation of the time
code from real time.
Making the time code continuous in back
space editing
Set the TC mode switch 2 to R-RUN and start back
space editing.
For back space editing operations, see Back Space
Editing on page 67.
Restarting an interrupted recording
Perform the following steps to make the time code
continuous when the recording has been interrupted or
when the cassette tape has been removed from the
camcorder between shootings.
1 Set the TC mode switch 1 to REGEN.
Time code advance is automatically set to R-RUN
even if the TC mode switch 2 has been set to F-
2 Perform steps 1 to 6 of Starting Back Space
Editing at Any Tape Position on page 67.
When the camcorder is at the recording pause
state, the recorded time code is read from the tape
and synchronized to the internal time code
3 Press the VTR button on the camcorder or lens to
restart back space editing.
Setting the time code to the real time
clock and calendar
Set the TC mode switch 1 to DATE/TIME.
This synchronizes the time code generator to real time
(recorded in the user bits) and date (recorded in the
time code), using the real time clock and calendar set
in menu 101.
Once you set this switch to DATE/TIME position, it is
not possible to retrieve the previous value (user bits
and time code) in the time code generator.
For how to set the real time clock and calendar, see
Setting the Real Time Clock and Calendar Menu 101
on page 119.
Operation Setting
Time code advances freely regardless of
the VCRs current operation mode.
Time code value advances only while
These two are dropped.