Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 4 Viewfinder Screen Indications and Menus 113
Chapter 4 Viewfinder Screen Indications and Menus
Using SetupNavi and SetupLog
The SetupNavi function records a setting of the setup
menu and setup files onto a tape, so that the same
settings can be called up and used again or copied to
another camera.
The SetupLog function records a camera setting every
few seconds at shooting and displays the recorded data
in the viewfinder during playback.
The setup navigation function cannot be used with the
RCP-TX7, RM-M7G, or CCU-M5A/M5AP connected.
To use this function, disconnect the RCP-TX7, RM-
M7G, or CCU-M5A/M5AP, power the camera off, and
then power it on again.
Setting Up the Camera Using
Data Recorded on Tape
The procedure to replace cameras menu settings with
settings recorded onto video tape is described here.
1 Insert the cassette onto which the data was
recorded. Set the SETUP switch to FILE, then set
the POWER switch to ON while holding down the
MENU dial.
Advanced menu page 1 appears.
(The following figure shows an example for the
2 Turn the MENU dial until advanced menu page 14
(page 13 on DSR-370/370P) appears.
For details of menu operation, see Advanced Menu
Operations (page 98).
NO TAPE is displayed if you neglected to load a
3 Move the cursor to RECALL DATA with the
MENU switch to call up the data recorded on the
tape. (Press the MENU switch to cancel.)
The tape is rewound and playback starts. The
display changes as follows and the call up
operation begins.
a) The model name DSR-570WS/570WSP or DSR-370/
370P is displayed when a tape saved by one of those
models is read. Nothing is displayed when a tape
saved by previous models (DSR-500WS/500WSP,
etc.) is read.
To abort the call up operation while in progress
Press the MENU dial.
After the data has been read, the following display
Name of data
being called up