Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 1 Overview 21
9 RESET/(MENU SET) (counter reset/VCR
menu) button
Resets the time value shown in the display window.
This button operates differently depending on settings
of the DISPLAY switch (6 on page 18) and the TC
mode switch 1 (9 on page 23) and 2 (8 on page 23).
Also, this button is used to change menu settings.
For details on the VCR menu, see Setting on the VCR
VCR Menu (page 117).
0 Speaker
Outputs the recorded or playback audio. When a
warning indicator appears in the viewfinder or display
window, the speaker sounds a warning tone.
The speaker is muted (does not output a warning tone)
when an earphone is connected to the EARPHONE
connector (3 on page 18).
For details on the warning tone, see Warning System
(page 142).
Switch setting RESET button operation
DISPLAY: COUNTER Resets counter value to
TC mode switch 1: PRESET
TC mode switch 2: SET
Resets time code to
Indications in the display window (continued)
Q Tape remaining indication During recording or pause mode, this indication shows the remaining tape time as
shown below. It is not displayed when no cassette is loaded.
Indication Tape time remaining
TAPExxxxxxx 30 minutes or more
TAPExxxxxx 25 to 30 minutes
TAPExxxxx 20 to 25 minutes
TAPExxxx 15 to 20 minutes
TAPExxx 10 to 15 minutes
TAPExx 5 to 10 minutes
TAPEx 2 to 5 minutes
TAPEx (blinking) 0 to 2 minutes
TAPE (blinking) End of tape
R Clip remaining indication
This shows how many clip shots or Cue points can be recorded
Indication Clip shots Cue point
CLIPxxxxxx 51 or more 101 points or more
CLIPxxxxx 41 to 50 81 to 100 points
CLIPxxxx 31 to 40 61 to 80 points
CLIPxxx 21 to 30 41 to 60 points
CLIPxx 11 to 20 21 to 40 points
CLIPx 1 to 10 1 to 20 points
CLIPx (blinking)
1 to 3 1 to 6 points
CLIP Cannot record
CLIP (blinking)
Cannot record
1) The optional DSBK-301A is required for Index Picture recording.
2) When back space editing using ClipLink function is possible (when CONT is displayed)
S Time value indication Depending on the DISPLAY switch (6 on page 18) setting, this shows a counter
value, time code value or user bit value. Press the MENU button (1 on page 22) to
display the VCR menu.
Indication Description
TC mode switch 1: PRESET
TC mode switch 2: SET
Resets user bit
00 00 00 00.
a)Bits of time code recorded on tape, in which users can
record necessary information.