Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections 43
Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
MIC IN +48 V connector
Using an Optional Microphone
Fitting the optional CAC-12 Microphone Holder
Remove the two retaining screws (M3 × 8) for the
optional microphone holder, then use these screws to
Microphone adaptor
attach the CAC-12 Microphone Holder.
Screws removed from the
Fitting an optional microphone
Use the following procedure to attach an optional
ECM-670 Microphone.
1 Loosen the screw of the CAC-
12 Microphone Holder, then
open the holder and replace the
microphone adaptor with the
one supplied with the ECM-
670 Microphone.
2 Insert the microphone in the
microphone holder, close the
holder, and tighten the screw.
Connect the microphone cable
to the MIC IN +48 V