Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Appendix 145
Troubleshooting chart (continued)
Symptoms Cause Remedy
The time code setting is not possible. At the recording, the ClipLink function is
set to on (meaning ClipLink shooting is
allowed) in menu 211, CONT is displayed
in the display window and the time code
generator is in the REGEN mode.
Only the REGEN mode can be used for
ClipLink shooting. If you will not perform
ClipLink shooting, set the ClipLink
function to oFF (see page 123).
The time code value does not advance
though the TC mode switch 1 or 2 is set
to the F-RUN or DATE/TIME.
The indication Er91-13F appears in the
display window.
The unit has failed in loading or saving
the cassette memory data.
Load a new cassette (page 59).
The cassette is automatically ejected.
An incorrect type of cassette is loaded. Load a correct type of cassette (page