Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Chapter 5 Creating a FlexUNI/EVC ATM-Ethernet Interworking Policy
Setting the Interface Attributes
This attribute is unchecked by default.
Subsequently, when you create a service request based on this policy, you must specify the TE tunnel ID
in a field provided. ISC uses the tunnel information to create and provision a pseudowire class that
describes the pseudowire connection between two N-PEs. This pseudowire class can be shared by more
than one pseudowire, as long as the pseudowires share the same tunnel ID and remote loopback address.
You are responsible to ensure that the tunnel interface and associated ID are configured. During service
request creation when you specify the tunnel ID number, ISC does not check the validity of the value.
That is, ISC does not verify the existence of the tunnel.
Step 17 Check the Use PseudoWireClass check box to enable the selection of a pseudowire class.
This attribute is unchecked by default.
Usage notes:
The pseudowire class name is used for provisioning pw-class commands on IOS XR devices. See
Creating and Modifying Pseudowire Classes for IOS XR Devices, page 2-10 for additional
information on pseudowire class support for IOS XR devices.
If Use PseudoWireClass is checked, an additional attribute, PseudoWireClass, appears in the GUI.
Click the Select button of PseudoWireClass attribute to choose a pseudowire class previously
created in ISC.
The Use PseudoWireClass attribute is only available if the MPLS core connectivity type was set as
PSEUDOWIRE in the Service Options window (see
Setting the Service Options, page 5-4).
Use PseudoWireClass is only applicable for IOS XR devices.
Step 18 For L2VPN Group Name choose one of the following from the drop-down list:
Usage notes:
This attribute is used for provisioning the L2VPN group name on IOS XR devices.
Note The choices in the drop-down list are derived from a configurable DCPL property. For
information about how to define the L2VPN Group Name choices available in the
drop-down list, see Defining L2VPN Group Names for IOS XR Devices, page 2-14.
L2VPN Group Name is only applicable for IOS XR devices.
Step 19 Enter an E-Line Name to specify the point-to-point (p2p) E-line name.
Usage notes:
If no value is specified for the E-Line Name in either the policy or the service request based on the
policy, ISC autogenerates a default name as follows:
For PSEUDOWIRE core connectivity type, the format is:
For LOCAL core connectivity type, the format is:
If the default name is more than 32 characters, the device names are truncated.
E-Line Name is only applicable for IOS XR devices.
Step 20 If you want to enable template association for this policy, click the Next button.