Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Appendix D Terminating an Access Ring on Two N-PEs
Using N-PE Redundancy in FlexUNI/EVC Service Requests
Figure D-4 FlexUNI/EVC Service Request Editor Page, with N-PE Redundancy Option
Usage notes:
The service is configured on both N-PEs of the access ring.
Though there are two different N-PEs, only one access link is consumed.
You can modify the configuration redundant N-PEs before or after deploying the service request.
Modified configlets will be generated according to the changes made in service request.
The destined N-PE device on the NPC used in the service request is treated as the primary N-PE.
The other N-PE on the same ring is treated as the secondary N-PE. To change the primary and
secondary N-PE, you must modify the attachment circuits in the service request.
Configlets are generated according to the configuration specified in the service request. ISC
generates identical configlets on both of the N-PEs in the attachment circuit (AC). The Link
Attributes sections are common for both N-PEs.
For FlexUNI/EVC services, N-PE redundancy is supported for PSEUDOWIRE and VPLS core
connectivity types.
In case of VPLS core connectivity, all N-PEs in NPC rings are configured to have Layer 2 Virtual
Forwarding Interface (VFI), and all N-PEs on the same VPLS VPN participate in the VPLS service
at the same time.
In the case of PSEUDOWIRE core connectivity, the following notes apply:
If there is N-PE redundancy on both sides, a point-to-point pseudo wire (PW) will be configured
between the N-PEs that were specified as the terminating N-PE devices during the NPC creation
(between primary N-PEs). One more point-to-point PW will be configured between the N-PEs
that were not specified as the terminating N-PE devices during NPC creation. The VC IDs of
these pseudowires will be common.
If there is N-PE redundancy on only one side, then the Pseudowire Redundancy option must be
checked in the GUI (in the Service Request Details section of the of the FlexUNI(EVC) Service
Editor window). The primary PW will connect the primary N-PE of the dual-homed ring with