Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Creating a VPLS Policy
This chapter contains the basic steps to create a VPLS policy. It contains the following sections:
Defining a VPLS Policy, page 9-1
Defining an MPLS/ERMS (EVP-LAN) Policy with a CE, page 9-3
Defining an MPLS/ERMS (EVP-LAN) Policy without a CE, page 9-7
Defining an MPLS/EMS (EP-LAN) Policy with a CE, page 9-11
Defining an MPLS/EMS (EP-LAN) Policy without a CE, page 9-16
Defining an Ethernet/ERMS (EVP-LAN) Policy with a CE, page 9-22
Defining an Ethernet/ERMS (EVP-LAN) Policy without a CE, page 9-27
Defining an Ethernet/EMS (EP-LAN) Policy with a CE, page 9-32
Defining an Ethernet/EMS (EP-LAN) Policy without a CE, page 9-37
Defining a VPLS Policy
You must define a VPLS policy before you can provision a service. A VPLS policy defines the common
characteristics shared by the Attachment Circuit (AC) attributes.
A policy can be shared by one or more service requests that have similar service requirements. The
Editable check box gives the network operator the option of making a field editable. If the value is set
to editable, the service request creator can change to other valid values for the particular policy item. If
the value is not set to editable, the service request creator cannot change the policy item.
You can also associate Cisco IP Solution Center (ISC) templates and data files with a service request.
Appendix B, “Working with Templates and Data Files,” for more about using templates and data
files in service requests.
VPLS policies correspond to the one of the core types that VPLS provides:
MPLS core type—provider core network is MPLS enabled
Ethernet core type—provider core network uses Ethernet switches
and to one of the service types that VPLS provides:
Ethernet Relay Multipoint Service (ERMS). The Metro Ethernet Forum name for ERMS is Ethernet
Virtual Private LAN (EVP-LAN). See
Layer 2 Terminology Conventions, page E-1 for more
information about terms used to denote VPLS services in this guide.
Ethernet Multipoint Service (EMS). The MEF name for EMS is Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN).