Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Appendix C Setting Up VLAN Translation
Setting Up VLAN Translation
In the empty field, you must enter which CE VLAN is to be translated from. The VLAN number must
be a number from 1 to 4096.
The PE VLAN that the CE VLAN is to be translated to can be “auto picked” or manually entered. Check
the VLAN ID AutoPick check box above (on the Link Attributes window) to have PE VLAN
automatically assigned. (See
Figure C-4.)
Figure C-4 Automatic Selection of the PE VLAN
If you uncheck the VLAN ID AutoPick check box (see Figure C-5), the window displays a Provider
VLAN ID, where you can manually enter the PE VLAN.
Figure C-5 Manual Selection of the PE VLAN
Upon completion of the service request creation, ISC does an integrity check before saving the service
request. For 1:1 VLAN translation, ISC rejects the service request if the CE VLAN has been used for
another 1:1 VLAN translation on the same port.
2:1 VLAN Translation
When choosing 2:1 VLAN translation, the window dynamically changes, as shown in Figure C-6.
Figure C-6 2:1 VLAN Translation Window
Note If the UNI port has been provisioned with EWS (EPL) service, the outer VLAN value is grayed out. (See
Figure C-7.)
Figure C-7 2:1 VLAN Translation with Outer VLAN Grayed Out
In 2:1 VLAN translation, there are three VLANs involved:
“A”—The CE VLAN to be translated from. You specify this in the “From CE VLAN field.” For
out-of-range translation, a value of “*” (asterisk character) should be provided