Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Chapter 5 Creating a FlexUNI/EVC ATM-Ethernet Interworking Policy
Setting the Interface Attributes
Step 6 Check the Translate Inner check box to allow the operator to specify a target inner VLAN ID during
service request creation.
The inner tag of all the incoming frames that fulfill the match criteria are translated to this ID. If the
check box is unchecked, no inner tag translation is performed. See
Table 5-1.
Note Table 5-1 summarizes the realization of different VLAN translations available in the FlexUNI/EVC
infrastructure. The second and third columns (Match Outer Tag and Match Inner Tag) refer to policy
settings. The last two columns (Translate Outer Tag and Translate Inner Tag) indicate the VLAN
translation that occurs on the incoming frames.
Step 7 Click Next.
The EVC Policy Editor - Interface Attribute window appears, as shown in Figure 5-4.
Step 8 Continue with the steps contained in the next section, Setting the Interface Attributes, page 5-12.
Setting the Interface Attributes
This step of creating the FlexUNI/EVC ATM-Ethernet Interworking policy involves setting the interface
attributes, as shown in the EVC Policy Editor - Interface Attribute window in
Figure 5-5. The attributes
you can configure in this window are grouped under the following categories:
N-PE/U-PE information
Speed and duplex information
ACL name and MAC addresses
UNI port security
Storm control
L2 protocol tunneling
In some cases, checking an attribute causes additional attributes to appear in the GUI. This is covered in
the steps that follow.
Note If the CE is directly connected to an N-PE, only speed, duplex, UNI shutdown, and other generic options
are presented. In this case, port security, storm control, L2 protocol tunneling, and other advanced
features are not supported due to the current platform limitations. If these features are needed for a
service, the service provider must deploy Layer 2 Ethernet access nodes beyond the FlexUNI to support
these requirements.
Table 5-1 VLAN Translation Summary Table
Type Match Outer Tag Match Inner Tag Translate Outer Tag Translate Inner Tag
1:1 True N/A Yes No
1:2 True N/A Yes Yes
2:1 True True Yes No
2:2 True True Yes Yes