Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Creating and Modifying Pseudowire Classes for IOS XR Devices 2-10
Creating a Pseudowire Class 2-11
Modifying a Pseudowire Class Object 2-12
Configuring the Transport Mode When Pseudowire Classes are Not Supported 2-13
Defining L2VPN Group Names for IOS XR Devices 2-14
3 Creating a FlexUNI/EVC Ethernet Policy 3-1
Overview of FlexUNI/EVC Support in ISC 3-1
FlexUNI/EVC Features 3-2
Platform Support for FlexUNI/EVC in ISC 6.0 3-3
IOS Platform Support 3-3
IOS XR Platform Support 3-4
Device Roles with FlexUNI/EVC 3-5
Topology Overview for FlexUNI/EVC 3-5
CE Directly Connected and FlexUNI 3-5
CE Directly Connected and No FlexUNI 3-5
CE Not Directly Connected and FlexUNI 3-5
CE Not Directly Connected and No FlexUNI 3-6
A Note on Checking of Configurations 3-6
Defining the FlexUNI/EVC Ethernet Policy 3-6
Setting the Service Options 3-8
Setting the FlexUNI Attributes 3-10
Setting the Service Attributes 3-11
Setting the VLAN Matching Criteria Attributes 3-13
Setting the VLAN Rewrite Criteria Attributes 3-14
Setting the Interface Attributes 3-16
Enabling Template Association 3-23
4 Managing a FlexUNI/EVC Ethernet Service Request 4-1
Introducing FlexUNI/EVC Service Requests 4-1
Creating a FlexUNI/EVC Service Request 4-2
Setting the Service Request Details 4-2
Pseudowire Core Connectivity 4-3
VPLS Core Connectivity 4-5
Local Core Connectivity 4-7
Setting up Links to the N-PE 4-9
Setting Direct Connect Links 4-10
Setting Links with L2 Access Nodes 4-20