Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Chapter 2 Setting Up the ISC Services
Creating a VC ID Pool
Creating a VC ID Pool
VC ID pools are defined with a starting value and a size of the VC ID pool. A given VC ID pool is not
attached to any inventory object (a provider or customer). During deployment of an L2VPN or VPLS
service, the VC ID can be autoallocated from the same VC ID pool or you can set it manually.
Note When you are setting a manual VC ID on an ISC service, ISC warns you if the VC ID is outside the valid
range of the defined VC ID pool. If so, ISC does not include the manually defined VC ID in the VC ID
pool. We recommend that you preset the range of the VC ID pool to include the range of any VC IDs
that you manually assign.
Create one VC ID pool per network.
In a VPLS instance, all N-PE routers use the same VC ID for establishing emulated Virtual Circuits
(VCs). The VC-ID is also called the VPN ID in the context of the VPLS VPN. (Multiple attachment
circuits must be joined by the provider core in a VPLS instance. The provider core must simulate a
virtual bridge that connects the multiple attachment circuits. To simulate this virtual bridge, all N-PE
routers participating in a VPLS instance form emulated VCs among them.)
Note VC ID is a 32-bit unique identifier that identifies a circuit/port.
Before you begin, be sure that you have the following information for each VC ID pool you must create:
The VC Pool start number
The VC Pool size
Perform the following steps for all L2VPN and VPLS services.
Step 1 Choose Service Inventory.
Step 2 Choose Inventory and Connection Manager.
Choose Resource Pools.
The Resource Pools window appears.
Step 3 Choose VC ID from the drop-down Pool Type list.
Because this pool is a global pool, it is not associated with any other object.
Step 4 Click Create.
The Create VC ID Pool window appears.
Step 5 Enter a VC pool start number.
Step 6 Enter a VC pool size number.
Step 7 Click Save.
The updated VC ID Resource Pools window appears.