Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Chapter 6 Managing a FlexUNI/EVC ATM-Ethernet Interworking Service Request
Setting the Service Request Details
Note The choices in the drop-down list are derived from a configurable DCPL property. For
information about how to define the L2VPN Group Name choices available in the
drop-down list, see Defining L2VPN Group Names for IOS XR Devices, page 2-14.
L2VPN Group Name is only applicable for IOS XR devices.
Step 37 Enter an E-Line Name to specify the point-to-point (p2p) E-line name.
Usage notes:
If no value is specified for the E-Line Name, ISC autogenerates a default name as follows:
For PSEUDOWIRE core connectivity type, the format is:
For LOCAL core connectivity type, the format is:
If the default name is more than 32 characters, the device names are truncated.
E-Line Name is only applicable for IOS XR devices.
Step 38 Click OK to save the Standard UNI settings and return to the EVC Service Request window.
The value in the Link Attributes column now displays as “Changed,” signifying that the link settings
have been updated. You can edit the link attributes now or at a future time by clicking on the Changed
link and modifying the settings in the Standard UNI Details window.
See Modifying the FlexUNI/EVC Service Request, page 6-23 for details on editing the link attributes.
Step 39 To add another link click the Add button and set the attributes for the new link as in the previous steps
in this section.
Step 40 To delete a link, check the check box in the first column of the row for that link and click the Delete
Step 41 If you want to set up links with L2 access nodes for this service request, see Setting Links with L2 Access
Nodes, page 6-22.
Step 42 When you have completed setting the attributes in the EVC Service Request Editor window, click the
Save button at the bottom of the window to save the settings and create the FlexUNI/EVC service
If any attributes are missing or incorrectly set, ISC displays a warning in the lower left of the window.
Make any corrections or updates needed (based on the information provided by ISC), and click the Save
For information on modifying a FlexUNI/EVC service request see the section Modifying the
FlexUNI/EVC Service Request, page 6-23. For additional information about saving a FlexUNI/EVC
service request, see Saving the FlexUNI/EVC Service Request, page 6-24.
Setting the ATM Link Attributes
This section describes how to set up a direct connect link as an ATM link.
Perform the following steps to set up the ATM link.