Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
Appendix B Working with Templates and Data Files
Using Templates with ISC Policies
Create a super template and attach subtemplates to it.
These basic Template Manager functions are documented in the Cisco IP Solution Center Infrastructure
Reference, 6.0. See that guide for more information on these tasks.
Policy-Level Template Functions
Create a policy and enable template support for the policy.
Associate templates and (optionally) data files to the policy, if desired.
For information on how to associate templates and data files at the policy level, see the section Using
Templates with ISC Policies, page B-4, in this appendix.
Service Request-Level Template Functions
Note When a policy is only associated with a template and no data file, then during creation of a service
request using that policy, automatic selection of a data file for that template takes place, if the template
has only one data file. If the template does not have a data file, then one must be created for that template
and associated to the service request before saving is permitted.
Create a service request and associate template(s) to a link.
Deploy the service request on a device (for example, a 7600).
The subtemplate and corresponding data file for the 7600 are autoselected for deployment.
A configlet is generated from the subtemplate.
Decommission the service request.
The negate template for the subtemplate is autoselected and deployed.
For information on how to use templates and data files is service requests, see the section Using
Templates and Data Files with Service Requests, page B-14, in this appendix.
Using Templates with ISC Policies
This section provides information on how to enable template support and associate templates/data files
with ISC policies. It contains the following sections:
Overview of Template Support in ISC Policies, page B-4
Associating Templates and Data Files to a Policy, page B-5
Overview of Template Support in ISC Policies
ISC supports associating templates/data files to a service policy. This minimizes steps in the
provisioning workflow and also reduces potential errors that can occur if an incorrect template/data file
is selected during service creation. In the Policy Editor workflow, after the policy attributes are set, a
new Templates Association window appears. The Enable Templates check box that appears in this
window allows you to enable template association for the policy and to specify templates/data files to be
available for service requests based on the policy. More than one template/data file can be associated to
the policy. Each template/data file can be associated to a device role. The available device roles are
determined by the policy type. In the case of U-PE and PE-AGG device roles, templates/data files can
be selectively determined based on whether the device has a UNI interface. Later, at the time of service