Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
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1 Getting Started 1-1
Overview 1-1
Installing ISC and Configuring the Network 1-1
Configuring the Network to Support Layer 2 Services 1-2
Setting Up Basic ISC Services 1-2
Setting Up Providers, Customers, and Devices 1-2
Setting Up the N-PE Loopback Address 1-3
Setting Up ISC Resources for L2VPN and VPLS Services 1-3
Setting Up NPCs 1-3
Setting Up VPNs 1-3
Working with L2VPN and VPLS Policies and Service Requests 1-4
A Note on Terminology Conventions 1-4
2 Setting Up the ISC Services 2-1
Creating Target Devices and Assigning Roles (N-PE or U-PE) 2-1
Configuring Device Settings to Support ISC 2-2
Configuring Switches in VTP Transparent Mode 2-2
Setting the Loopback Addresses on N-PE Devices 2-2
Setting Up Devices for IOS XR Support 2-3
Defining a Service Provider and Its Regions 2-3
Defining Customers and Their Sites 2-4
Defining VPNs 2-4
Creating Access Domains 2-4
Creating VLAN Pools 2-5
Creating a VC ID Pool 2-7
Creating Named Physical Circuits 2-8
Creating NPCs Through an NPC GUI Editor 2-8
Creating a Ring-Only NPC 2-9
Terminating an Access Ring on Two N-PEs 2-10
Creating NPC Links Through the Autodiscovery Process 2-10