Cisco Systems OL-21636-01 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco IP Solution Center L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet User Guide, 6.0
11 Deploying, Monitoring, and Auditing Service Requests 11-1
Deploying Service Requests 11-1
Pre-Deployment Changes 11-1
Service Deployment 11-2
Verifying Service Requests 11-3
Service Request States 11-4
Viewing Service Request Details 11-7
Links 11-8
History 11-9
Configlets 11-9
Monitoring Service Requests 11-10
Auditing Service Requests 11-12
12 Using Autodiscovery for L2 Services 12-1
13 Generating L2 and VPLS Reports 13-1
Overview 13-1
Accessing L2 and VPLS Reports 13-1
L2 and VPLS Reports 13-2
L2 End-to-End Wire Report 13-3
L2 PE Service Report 13-6
L2 VPN Report 13-7
VPLS Attachment Circuit Report 13-8
VPLS PE Service Report 13-10
VPLS VPN Report 13-11
Creating Custom L2 and VPLS Reports 13-11
A Sample Configlets A-1
Overview A-2
ERS (EVPL) (Point-to-Point) A-4
ERS (EVPL) (Point-to-Point, UNI Port Security) A-5
ERS (EVPL) (1:1 VLAN Translation) A-7
ERS (EVPL) (2:1 VLAN Translation) A-8
ERS (Pseudowire Class, E-Line, L2VPN Group Name, IOS XR Device) A-9
ERS (EVPL) (NBI Enhancements for L2VPN, IOS Device) A-10
ERS (EVPL) or EWS (EPL) (IOS XR Device) A-11
ERS (EVPL) and EWS (EPL) (Local Connect on E-Line) A-14