Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Contents at a Glance
Shoot automatically p.75-106 (Basic Zone modes)
Shoot continuously p.122 (i Continuous shooting)
Take a picture of yourself in a group
p.124 (j Self-timer)
Freeze the action p.160 (s Shutter-priority AE)
Blur the action
Blur the background p.82 (C Creative Auto)
Keep the background in sharp focus
p.162 (f Aperture-priority AE)
Adjust the image brightness (exposure)
p.169 (Exposure compensation)
Shoot in low light p.76, 176 (D Flash photography)
p.132 (ISO speed setting)
Shoot without flash p.81 (7 Flash Off)
p.99 (b Flash off)
Shoot fireworks at night p.166 (Bulb exposure)
Shoot while viewing the LCD monitor
p.201 (A Live View shooting)
Use Creative filters p.210 (Creative filters)
Shoot movies p.233 (k Movie shooting)
Image Quality
Shoot with image effects matching the subject
p.135 (Picture Style)
Make a large-size print of the picture p.126 (73, 83, 1)