Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Custom Wireless Flash ShootingK
Multiple Speedlite slave units can be fired as one flash unit, or
separated into slave groups for shooting with flash ratio control.
The basic settings are shown below. By changing the [Firing group]
setting, you can shoot with various wireless flash setups with multiple
Basic settings:
Flash mode : E-TTL II
E-TTL II meter. : Evaluative
Wireless func. :0
Channel : (Same as slave units)
[1All] Firing multiple slave Speedlites as one flash unit
Convenient when you need a large flash
output. All the slave units will fire at the
same output and be controlled to obtain
a standard exposure.
No matter which firing group (A, B, or C)
the slave units belong to, they will all fire
as one group.
Set [Firing group] to [1All], then
take the picture.
Fully Automatic Shooting with Multiple External Speedlites