Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Mirror Lockup to Reduce Camera ShakeK
Do not point the camera toward an intense light source, such as the sun
or an intense artificial light source. Doing so may damage the image
sensor or the camera’s internal components.
In very bright light, such as at the beach or a ski slope on a sunny day,
take the picture promptly after mirror lockup is stabilized.
If you use the self-timer and bulb exposure in combination with a mirror
lockup, keep pressing the shutter button completely (self-timer delay
time + bulb exposure time). If you let go of the shutter button during the
self-timer countdown, there will be a shutter-release sound, but no
picture will be taken.
During mirror lockup, shooting function settings and menu operations,
etc. are disabled.
If you use flash, the red-eye reduction lamp will not light up (p.177).
Even if you set the drive mode to <i>, <M>, or <q>, the camera
will still shoot in single shooting mode.
When [z3: High ISO speed NR] is set to [Multi Shot Noise
Reduction], four continuous shots will be taken for the single picture
regardless of the [9: Mirror lockup] setting.
If 30 sec. elapse after the mirror is locked up, it will go back down
automatically. Pressing the shutter button completely again locks up the
mirror again.