Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

The camera’s built-in flash can work as a master unit for Canon EX-
series, external Speedlites having a wireless slave feature. It can
wirelessly trigger the Speedlite(s) to fire via optical transmission.
Be sure to read the instructions and cautions about wireless flash
photography (optical transmission) in the Speedlite’s instruction
Regarding your Speedlite (slave unit), refer to its instruction manual and
set it as follows. The settings other than the ones below for the slave
unit’s control are all set with the camera. Different types of Speedlite
slave units can be used and controlled together.
(1) Set the external Speedlite as a slave unit.
(2) Set the Speedlite’s transmission channel to the same channel
as set on the camera.
(3) For flash ratio control (p.197), set the slave unit’s firing group.
(4) Position the camera and slave unit(s) within the range shown
(5) Face the slave unit’s wireless sensor toward the camera.
Using Wireless FlashK
Slave Unit Settings and Position
Example of Wireless Flash Set-up
Approx. 10 m/32.8 ft.
Approx. 7 m/23.0 ft.
Approx. 80°
Approx. 5 m/
16.4 ft.
Approx. 7 m/
23.0 ft.