Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

With the built-in flash or an EX-series, external Speedlite compatible
with flash function settings, you can use the camera’s menu to set flash
functions and the external Speedlite’s Custom Functions.
If you use an external Speedlite, attach the Speedlite to the camera
and turn on the Speedlite before setting the flash functions. For
details on the external Speedlite’s flash functions, refer to the
Speedlite’s instruction manual.
Select [Flash control].
Under the [z1] tab, select [Flash
control], then press <0>.
The Flash control screen will appear.
Normally, set this to [Enable].
If [Disable] is set, neither the built-
in flash nor the external Speedlite
will fire. This is useful when you want
to use only the flash’s AF-assist
For normal flash exposures, set this
to [Evaluative].
[Average] is for advanced users. As
with an external Speedlite, the
metering area is averaged. Flash
exposure compensation may be
3 Setting the FlashK
[Flash firing]
[E-TTL II meter.]
Even if [Flash firing] is set to [Disable], if focus is difficult to achieve in low
light, the flash may still fire a series of flashes (AF-assist beam, p.113).