Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Using AF to Focus (AF Method)
If multiple faces are detected, <e>
will be displayed. Use the <Y> <Z>
keys to move the <e> frame over
the face you want to focus on.
You can also tap on the LCD monitor
screen to select the face or subject. If
the subject is not a face, <z> will be
If no faces can be detected, or if you
tap on the LCD monitor but do not
select any face or subject, the camera
will switch to [
FlexiZone - Multi
] with
automatic selection (p.220).
Focus on the subject.
Press the shutter button halfway to
When focus is achieved, the AF point
will turn green and the beeper will
If focus is not achieved, the AF point
will turn orange.
Take the picture.
Check the focus and exposure, then
press the shutter button completely to
take the picture (p.202).
If the subject’s face is significantly out of focus, face detection will not be
possible. In such a case, set the lens’s focus mode switch to <MF> and
focus manually.
An object other than a human face may be detected as a face.
Face detection will not work if the face is very small or large in the
picture, too bright or too dark, or partially hidden.
The <p> may cover only a part of the face.