Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

You can select the AF (autofocus) operation characteristics suiting the
shooting conditions or subject. In Basic Zone modes, the optimum AF
operation is set for the respective shooting mode.
Press the <Q> button.
The Quick Control screen will appear.
Select [X].
Press the <W> <X> keys to select
[X] (AF operation) on the
screen’s left side.
Select the AF operation.
Press the <Y> <Z> keys to select
the desired AF operation, then press
Focus on the subject
Aim the AF point over the subject and
press the shutter button halfway. The
camera will then autofocus in the
selected AF operation.
Changing the Autofocus OperationK
If focus cannot be achieved, the AF point will turn orange. If this occurs, the
picture cannot be taken even if the shutter button is pressed completely.
Recompose the shot and try to focus again. Or see “Shooting Conditions
that Make Focusing Difficult” (p.224).