Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Troubleshooting Guide
In Basic Zone modes and in movie shooting mode, certain tabs and
menu options are not displayed. Set the shooting mode to a Creative
Zone mode (p.59).
Set the color space to sRGB. If Adobe RGB is set, the first character
will be an underscore (p.156).
It is a movie file (p.278).
If the card already contains recorded images, the image number may
not start from 0001 (p.278).
Check that the correct date and time are set (p.44).
Check the time zone and daylight saving time (p.44).
The shooting date and time do not appear in the picture. The date and
time are instead recorded in the image data as shooting information.
When printing, you can imprint the date and time in the picture, using
the date and time recorded in the shooting information (p.339).
The menu screen shows fewer tabs and options.
The file name’s first character is an underscore (“_”).
The file name starts with “MVI_”.
The file numbering does not start from 0001.
The shooting date and time displayed is incorrect.
The date and time are not in the picture.