Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Using AF to Focus (AF Method)
Shooting Conditions that Make Focusing Difficult
Low-contrast subjects such as the blue sky, solid-color flat surfaces
or when highlight or shadow details are lost.
Subjects in low light.
Stripes and other patterns where there is contrast only in the
horizontal direction.
Subjects with repetitive patterns (Example: Skyscraper windows,
computer keyboards, etc.).
Fine lines and subject outlines.
Under a light source whose brightness, color, or pattern keeps
Night scenes or points of light.
The image flickers under fluorescent or LED lighting.
Extremely small subjects.
Subjects at the edge of the picture.
Strongly backlit or reflective subjects (Example: Car with a highly
reflective body, etc.).
The AF point covers both near and distant subjects (Example:
Animal in a cage, etc.).
Subjects that keep moving within the AF point and cannot keep still
due to camera shake or subject blur.
A subject approaching or moving away from the camera.
Autofocusing while the subject is very far out of focus.
Soft focus effect is applied with a soft focus lens.
A special effect filter is used.
Noise (spots, banding, etc.) appears on the screen during AF.