Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Troubleshooting Guide
Do not use any battery pack other than a genuine Battery Pack LP-
Remove and install the battery again (p.38).
If the battery contacts are dirty, use a soft cloth to clean them.
Use a fully-charged battery pack (p.36).
The battery performance may have degraded. See [53: Battery info.]
to check the battery’s recharge performance level (p.364). If the
battery performance is poor, replace the battery pack with a new one.
The rechargeable battery pack performance will degrade over
repeated use. Purchase a new one.
The number of possible shots will decrease with any of the following
Pressing the shutter button halfway for a prolonged period.
Activating the AF frequently without taking a picture.
Using the lens’s Image Stabilizer.
Using the LCD monitor frequently.
Continuing Live View shooting or movie shooting for a prolonged
The Eye-Fi card’s communication function is operating.
Auto power off is in effect. If you do not want auto power off to take
effect, set [52: Auto power off] to [Disable] (p.273).
Even if [52: Auto power off] is set to [Disable], the LCD monitor will
still turn off after the camera is left idle for 30 min. (The camera’s
power does not turn off.) Press the <B> button to turn on the LCD
[Battery communication error. Does this battery/do these
batteries display the Canon logo?] is displayed.
The battery becomes exhausted quickly.
The camera turns off by itself.