Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

k Shooting Movies
While shooting a movie, you can also
take a still photo by pressing the shutter
button completely.
Taking Still Photos during Movie Shooting
If you take a still photo during movie shooting, the movie will record
a still moment lasting approx. 1 sec.
The captured still photo will be recorded to the card, and the movie
shooting will resume automatically when the Live View image is displayed.
The movie and still photo will be recorded as separate files on the card.
Functions particular to still photo shooting are shown below. Other
functions will be the same as for movie shooting.
* If highlight tone priority is set, the ISO speed range will start from ISO 200.
Shooting Still Photos
Function Settings
As set in [z1: Image quality].
When the movie recording size is [1920x1080] or [1280x720], the
aspect ratio will be 16:9. When the size is [640x480], the aspect
ratio will be 4:3.
ISO Speed
With autoexposure shooting: Automatically set within ISO 100 -
ISO 6400.
With manual exposure shooting: See “ISO Speed During Manual-
exposure Shooting” on page 238.
With autoexposure shooting: Automatically-set shutter speed and
aperture (displayed when pressing the shutter button halfway).
With manual exposure shooting: Manually-set shutter speed and
AEB Canceled
Flash Flash off
Regardless of the drive mode setting, single shooting will take effect for
still photo shooting during movie shooting.
The self-timer can be set before you start shooting a movie. During
movie shooting, the camera will switch to single shooting.