Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Menu Function Settings
AF with shutter button during movie recording
While shooting a movie, you can also take a still photo by pressing
the shutter button completely. By default, AF operation is set to
[One-Shot AF].
When [One-Shot AF] is set:
You can refocus and shoot a still photo by pressing the shutter
button halfway while shooting a movie.
When shooting a still subject, you can perform shooting in
precise focus.
When [Disable] is set:
You can immediately start shooting a still photo by pressing the
shutter button, even though focus is not achieved. This is
effective when you want to give priority to the shooting
opportunity rather than to focusing.
Grid display
With [Grid 1l] or [Grid 2m], you can display grid lines. You can
check horizontal or vertical tilt when shooting.
Metering timerK
You can change how long the exposure setting is displayed (AE lock
Movie recording size
You can set the movie recording size (image size, frame rate, and
compression method). For details, see pages 245-247.
Digital zoom
You can use digital zoom for telephoto shooting. For details, see
page 248.